BRAFT- strony internetowe - sklep internetowy z odzieżą

Online store designed by BRAFT on the popular CMS WordPress . It is characterized by a minimalistic clean design, a product filter, a photo gallery viewer, sliders presenting popular and newest products, convenient cart, user account and search icons. Most store operations can be performed without reloading the page. The footer contains all contact information along with a map of the location of the stationary store. The website is fully responsive, i.e. it displays correctly and works on mobile devices. There are many photos on the website, but thanks to the so-called ‘lazy loading’ website is still light and fast, which has a positive effect on the SEO of the website.

The online store itself works thanks to a very good, popular and the free Woocommerce plugin. It has the support of both professionals and the community, so it can be freely expanded with many functions. In this case, it is, for example, a product filter or product variant samples. In this case, the website was built on the basis of free components, so it does not generate any additional costs.

I invite you to read the BRAFT offer .